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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29 2010 Update

This has been a long day, but it will be well worth it.
This morning we left home at 1:15 am, flew out of Detroit to Houston, then on to Costa Rica. Arrival at 2:00pm local time, 4:00 EST. What an exausting day. We were met at the airport by Jose, and Luis and a third man who was in training. They work for Tropical Expeditions. They drove us to the Casa Conde hotel, and on the way explained to us what would be taking place during our stay. They also told us alot of information about Costa Rica. Upon arrival we were given fancy drinks while checking in. Then one of the nurses came up to our room and did a basic examination of me, she checked my temperature, blood pressure, pulse etc. By the way our room is awesome. We have two bedrooms, bath, kitchen, washer and dryer, living and dining area and tv with movies. On the way out to dinner we ran in to another couple from Saskatchewan. He is having the procedure done tommorow as well, so Diane will chum with his wife and daughter while we are both being libertated. He is a farmer so I'm sure we will have lots to talk about. Then Diane and I went to eat at the hotel's restaurant, I had a fancy chicken dish and Diane had a pasta dish. Great food, not to expensive and the waiters were so courteous. While eating dinner a nurse showed up to ask me if I would like to do my assessment tonight, so I went there for it and returned to my room. Tommorow morning I will be picked up at 9:30am to go to the hospital for testing and treatment. Wish me luck everyone. Diane or I will post back here ASAP.


  1. Fingers and Toes are crossed for tomorrow!! Love you Lots...will look foward to hearing great news from you and Dianne tomorrow- Marianne

  2. Glad to hear you two arrived safe and sound. Get lots of rest tonight. Big day tomorrow. Good luck!!! Will be waiting for great news tomorrow.
    Bill & Karen

  3. just talking to mom and she is happy all is over but is still of course we all are. Good news in the Sarnia paper about a patient that had the procedure and walked without a cane. So hang in there we are praying. Aunt Barb