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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30,2010 11:05 Costa Rica time

Bill had his blood pressure taken before leaving the hotel for his Liberation treatment. The nurse told him he had the blood pressure of a 15 year old. Jose was our driver, what a great guy, he is kept very busy around here. We were accompanied to the hospital by Pauline & George a farming couple from Saskatchewan. They arrived before us and came with there daughter and grandson, who is 9 months old. Pauline's husband is being liberated on the same day as Bill. This is great because Pauline and I can keep each other company as we both anxiously await the results. It is going to be a very long day. Upon arrival at the hospital we were greeted by Glorianna and Albert, they will assist throughout our stay here. They both speak fluent English. They left Bill & I with some common phrases in Spanish for us to use with the English meaning beside them so we could communicate with hospital staff as not all the staff are fluent in English. Bill had to fill out a form as well. Our room is wonderful, spacious, clean, has a/c, tv, very large bathroom, a futon for me to sleep on and a comfortable bed for Bill. Bill is awaiting an EKG and blood tests. We are both very empressed with the staff here. I had a very large stack of movies given to me at the hotel by one of the patients, so pauline and I could pass the time at the hospital. All of the patients have been great and very supportive of Bill and I, offering advice and help to us. Another hospital staff member named Battenia Bill fill out more paperwork. Bill is reading a book, but it seems every few minutes there is a knock on the door and more info from him is needed. It is funny watching Bill with her because her English is not very good.

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