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Thursday, July 1, 2010

6:40 costa rica time

Hi everyone back home, Bill is doing well. He has had nurses in about three times since about 5:30 am costa rica time. Bill calls them his CNN crew. They have checked his bandages, blood pressure, pulse, and temperature, and have been asking him if he is feeling any pain. During the night they gave him some pain meds because he had some pain on the right side vein. This morning the pain has subsided but it is still tender. His left vein has no pain at all. He hasn't had anything to eat or drink since 11:00 am costa rica time on June 30, and is hoping he can have at least a drink of water. As I was typing, a nurse came in with a very large bottle of water and gave Bill the okay to drink. George the farmer from Saskatchewan is doing well, as we spoke to his wife pauline this morning. He had alot of tenderness as well. Bill will be visited later by Dr. Fallas, and I will post the results of that visit.

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