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Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2, 2010....Update for Yesterday

Dr Fallas sat with Diane and I this afternoon. He showed us pictures and videos of my veins before and after the procedure. 3 veins were collapsed quite a bit, but none were completely collapsed. Dr Fallas provided us with a CD of the procedure to take home. The hospital provided me with my complete medical records to take home. Another Dr came in and explained the different blood thinner options available. Tonight I gave myself a blood thinner shot, with the assistance of Jennifer (husband had liberation last week).
My Improvements so far are;
Warm Feet
Legs aren't aching.
Brain Pain reduced.
Walking seems better (Diane says I walk much better)
I was discharged from the hospital at 5:00pm.
Diane and I ate at the hotel and went to bed early.

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