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Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010

I just watched a news story on the CTV news at 6:00 from Kitchener, Ontario. The story spoke to a woman who went abroad for the "Liberation" treatment. Her story entailed how from when she was in a wheelchair at a MS rally, to today. She was walking down the sidewalk with her husband.
Personally, I didn't care if it aided my MS, I just wanted to have my cardiovascular system repaired, and hopefully stop any further MS attacks.

This is a cardiovascular, plumbing, not a neurological, electrical, issue.

So why then is an Electrician telling a Plumber that he cannot do his job?

A representative from the local MS Society then came on towed the MS Society of Canada line that they are studding CCSVI and it's link to MS. This is Bull-Sh**!
While they spend countless dollar$, and several years on this study, those of us with MS are suffering.
Her husband also went on to say that they will no longer donate to the MS Society, or raise funds for the society. Excellent!

CTV should go out and find all those of us who have had the treatment abroad and listen to our stories, GOD knows the MS Society won't.

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