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Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010

30 days Post-Liberation

Whew, it's finally the 30th, and I gave myself the last needle of blood thinner. Glad that is finally over.
This has been a busy week so far. Since Sunday, we've had 6 "Cold Calls" about the procedure. We could manage to figure out how they found out, but sometimes it was challenging.
We love to share our experience. Everyone wants to see me, how I'm walking, how I'm talking, how I'm thinking, how I'm feeling, how I look, etc;

Now to the meat and potatoes,

My balance remains very good.

Dizziness is only apparent if I move up or down quickly, but it only lasts for a brief few seconds. Sometimes when I say this, people without MS say they get that also.

Bladder control continues to improve.

Brain fog continues to lift. I'm not noticing any pauses in my speaking, able to articulate thoughts better, able to jump into sentences with the next thought readily (this gets on Diane's nerves, thus I must be better).

Feet and toes still nice and warm, Diane loves this.

Brain pain, stabbing feeling above left eye, has been non-existent for the past week.

No occurrences of double vision.

Right leg foot drag, this had to do with balance and weakness on my right side. This has vanished. Right side is still weaker than the left, but I am working out every other day and doing physiotherapy exercises.

I use to randomly drop objects from my right hand, this has not occurred since the procedure. I can always feel what ever I am carrying.

I am able to work out in the heat, drink lots of water and cool off, then get back at it. Previously, I would have been done for the day.

It never mattered before when I exerted myself, either inside or outside, fatigue would eventually overtake me and that would be it. Now, I am not getting to the point where my body wants to quit. I do pace myself, and I am watching what I do. I need to work up to a full days work, my muscles are not ready for it yet, but they will be.

The numbness I experience on my left side has almost vanished. If it does occur, it is a small area and subsides quickly.

Now for some other things.

My beard is growing faster, weird.

Sinus headaches. The last 2 weeks have been prime for these. I have felt sinus pressure, but not bad enough to take any medication, and the pressure subsides, usually within 10-20 minutes.

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