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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6th 11:30 am costa rica time

Bill is in taking a shower, I am enjoying some potato chips, they are called Papas Lilliana they are delicious and not greasy like chips at home. I have met so many people here. I have been talking to Bob Duncan for the last hour in the lobby. He was showing me photographs of his elk, horses and wood working masterpieces, he used to raise elk, and quarter horses. So many interesting people here. There are actually three different families from Saskatchewan here. I have been snapping photographs of everyone here. It is very hot today, and apparently there is a strike going on in San Jose that is causing traffic headaches for many. Bill and I were planning on going to the bank today and to the hospital so I could get my teeth checked. Dental procedures here are so cheap. We were also planning on going to Savanah Park to photograph the police on their horses but might hold off as it is now too hot. I also found out that the spider monkeys will through poop at females and pee on them. Now I'm not sure about going on any sightseeing tours. I may go horse backriding later in the week though.

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