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Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010 2:45pm Costa Rica

Up before 6:00 am today. Diane and I went for breakfast.
Went to physio-therapy at 8:00am for an hour.
We went to the hospital and saw Milt and Bob, both doing well.
I had an appointment with Dr. Fallas at the hospital. He did a Doppler on my neck veins to check for any re-stenosis. Non existed. Veins wide open and flowing freely.
During our time at the hospital, my lower back began to ache. The pain contiuisoly got worse as the morning progressed.
Diane picked up some "Voltaren" for mucle pain at the pharmacy in the hospital.
When we arrived back at the hotel, the pain made it almost unbearable to walk. I went and saw Claudio while he was doing physio for others. He told me he would look at it in and hour.
At 2:00pm Claudio examined my back.
Spine aligned fine.
Sciatic nerve fine.
Claudio told me that the lumbar muscle was inflamed due to the fact that I am now walking properly.
Claudio said to apply the "Voltaren" every 4 hours. He then prescribed "Voltaren Retard 100mg", to relax the muscle, to be taken every 12 hours.
Katia, nurse at hotel, arranged for the pickup of the pills.
My back really stiffens up if I'm not moving around.

Raining here, AGAIN.

I'll post how may back is doing later.

2 sleeps until I come home Trynity.


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