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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Check-up with Neurologist Today - 118 Days Post Liberation

I never told the MS Clinic that I went to Costa Rica for the Liberation treatment on June 30.   Today I went to the Clinic for my yearly check-up.  During this check-up, I almost told him, but I didn't.  Read on and you'll see why.
I've never seen this neurologist before.  He asked me about all my symptoms, all of which have disappeared.  He put me through all the normal tests.  Heel-to-Toe walking, jumping on one foot, then the other (he stopped counting how many times), run heel up and down shin, pin poke tests, tuning fork vibration tests (I told him to stop shaking his hand during this, cause I could feel that),  follow my finger game, and then some more.  When he tested my arm strength, I almost threw him into the wall behind me.  When he tested my leg strength, I lifted him off the floor.  (he wasn't a very big man)
He asked when I started to feel better, I said 4 months ago, and I've been getting better daily.
His response was that I was RELAPSING.
But, I said, last year the neurologist I saw said I was Secondary Progressive.
He then said, that may have been premature.
PREMATURE???? WHAT??? CYA or what?
Now he wants to see again in 6 months to check if I'm still "RELAPSING".  If I am, he wants to put me on MS medication.  I've NEVER been on an MS meds, and I won't now.
I asked him what my EDSS score was last year, he said it wasn't on file.  The last time I was scored was in 2004, (Never scored since 2004???) at that time it was 2.0.
I asked what my EDSS score would be today, he said 3.0.
How did he come up with 3.0?  So I asked.
His response was that my eyesight wasn't good, thus the score. 
I was a 3.0 in Costa Rica when I looked like a drunk walking.

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