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Thursday, February 3, 2011

7 Months Post CCSVI Liberation.

Actually, January 30 was the exact date.
I've been working full time for several months now.  Today I really noticed the difference.  I was very busy, working on Oracle databases, SQL Server databases, and trouble shooting problems. I was constantly switching technologies with no hesitation. I was able to quickly switch gears.  I really didn't notice until the end of the day when I looked back at what I was doing.  This feels great. This feels like me again.
Earlier this week, someone I have known for a long time saw me climbing stairs, 2 at a time, without holding a railing (or the wall).  Her comment was "Wow. Look at you."  What a comment. Made me feel fantastic.  I knew I was doing it, but, I never thought about it.
Last week, while I was working on accounting books for my farming operation, I never lost my train of thought.  Actually, I was able to see, in my minds-eye, how the operation was performing.  The next day I was searching for a specific piece of new equipment.  I didn't need to write all the pluses and minuses down about each individual brand, I could recall the information easily. This has been a huge improvement.
None of my pre-liberation symptoms have returned.

This was absolutely the best money I've ever spent.

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