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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ontario MS Society Ambassador Quote

Who Should Be Shot ?

Letters to the Editor sent to Toronto Globe & Mail - June 29 2010
"Dr. Zamboni´s Liberation Treatment"
Dear Editor,
During this past weekend of June 27th and 28th. I attended a family function where by an Ontario MS Society Ambassador was in attendance. Because I have MS my brother asked this Ambassador his thoughts on Dr. Zamboni and his Liberation Treatment.

This was his quoted reply "Dr. Zamboni should be tied up and shot."

One would assume being an Ambassador for the MS Society that his views are in fact the views of the entire board during discussion behind closed doors. I find it amazing that when I ask my neurologist a question about the disease, it's origin, the future, the purpose of the drugs I take weekly I get a consistent "well we really don't know." Now we have Dr. Zamboni who has a solid logical theory with answers that lay people can understand and digest. What organ in our body does not need a steady consistent flow of blood? If this was any other organ the procedure to unblock the vein would be performed asap in order to allow that organ to function properly.From where I sit Dr. Zamboni has done nothing less then try and help people live better lives. He has been extremely successful so far in getting people out of their wheel chairs, feeling their limbs and working. Significantly more then my neurologist has done. Hardly a reason to shoot him. What is really going on at the MS Society and why do they have no interest in our well being?"

Mark Campbell

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