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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aug. 15, 2010

HOT again today. Diane and I cut grass this am before it got too hot, then again tonight before dusk.
I worked out harder today to try and strengthen muscles on my right side, they are still weaker than my left. Maybe I need a professional physiotherapist? I think I'll contact the physiotherapists
in Costa Rica,
Gabirella and Claudio, and see what they say.
Had another get-together with a MS suffer and her husband this afternoon. They asked lots of questions, and WHY we chose Costa Rica for the treatment.
Our answer to this is always the same. Facilities, staff, support, physiotherapy, follow-up. Everything in Costa Rica is excellent.
I haven't seen another location for the procedure that offers so much. Other locations seem to all be the same, get there, get tests performed, get liberated, rest for 2 days, follow-up testing, go home. 4 or 5 days, then leave. But, that's my opinion.

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