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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aug. 18, 2010

Had a long conversation yesterday with another person that has MS. She is scheduled to go to Costa Rica in November. She was talking to someone else that we know about it, and she mentioned my name. And, so things go, we know each other. I'm so happy for her. She will never regret it.
As for me, I've been a little sluggish for 2 days. I believe that it is a result of doing too much in the sun and heat earlier in the week. Feeling better today, not quite back, but getting there. Had a little "brain pain" today, lasted about 5 minutes, but went away on it's own. The brain is working better every day, not perfect yet, but getting much better.
We were so happy to see on Tony D.'s BLOG that he is seeing results. Tony was liberated last evening in CR.
Gary O. is getting liberated tomorrow, I'm following your BLOG too.
Post often, everyone, and us, are watching.
Love all of you, and thanks for everyone's support.

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