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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

61 Days Post-Liberation

September 1, 2010

My balance remains very good. I was able to walk through a 3 acre Woodlot last weekend, looking up and down, tripping over fallen branches, and mark dead Ash Trees. I never once fell or got dizzy. Good thing there are lots of Maple, Oak, Hickory, and Popular trees present.

Dizziness, if it were to appear, it should have last weekend when I was walking through the woodlot. I do experience it a bit, now and then, but nothing compared to pre-liberation.

Bladder control continues good.

Brain fog. I'm noticing that I am thinking quicker. Words and thoughts are coming quicker and easier. Multi-tasking is improving.

Feet and toes still nice and warm.

Brain pain, stabbing feeling above left eye, has been non-existent since that little bout on August 18th.

Still no occurrences of double vision, or any other vision problems. I did notice this afternoon, while laying in bed, that I could actually track the blades on the fan above our bed. I could actually isolate a single blade as it rotated, and follow it around. The fan was on the MEDIUM setting, but it still moves fairly fast, but my eyes could keep up to it. Pretty cool.

Right leg foot drag. I'm still doing physiotherapy exercises to strenghten my right side. When I get tired I still drag my right leg slightly. This is more due, I am finding, to the "Brain-ReTrain" that is required. Old habits die hard, and I need to concentrate on the walking. Still, I can do it fine when I pay attention. Right leg also does not lift as high as the left when walking. Again, exercise to re-train the body and brain how to walk.

Dropping objects not occurring.

This week has been another scorcher, but I'm handling it as well as everyone else without MS.

Fatigue. Diane says I have more energy. We have both noticed, that even when my body gets tired, my brain continues thinking, planning, and conversing.

Still very little occurrences of numbness.

When the weather turns, especially during this humid weather, I can hear my heart beat in my eardrums. This has always been an indication of the start of sinus pressure and headaches. But, since the liberation, there hasn't been any escalation of pain. This is TOTALY unexpected.

The hair on my head is getting thicker and growing faster, another TOTALY unexpected benefit. Diane notices it, as does my sister. This goes along with faster beard growth, which I don't like.

As for the
Canadian Institutes of Health Research, CIHR, claim that this is a dangerous procedure with no proof, all I can say is "
ignoranza e immensa" (Ignorance is Immense).

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