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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aug. 21, 2010

Diane and I went and visited with Denise and Brian on Thursday afternoon. Denise is scheduled for liberation on November 6. Good visit, we were able to answer allot of their questions.
Saw my Doctor on Thursday as well. I am going to start working 6 hours per day beginning on August 23. I am confident that I can handle it. I discussed my physio routine with him as well.
Friday I discussed my physio routine with my "new" personnal trainer, Kiersten. She provided me with more insights into my routine, and new exercises.
Today is going to be busy, we're going to a fund raiser for Tony D., also invited to a Pig Roast, and also to an engagement party for a neighbour. We're going to try and hit all three, see how we do.
Personally, I'm feeling pretty good. Able to work without getting exhausted, brain thinking clearly, walking still good, no "brain pain" since that little bout on the 18th, etc; Overall, feeling quite good.

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