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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

90 Days Post Liberation

This has been AMAZING.

To have the CCSVI Liberation Procedure performed, feel the effects on my body, see the effects on the faces of my wife, my parents, and sister, it's just been an incredible journey.

  • My body continues to get stronger. I am continuing to do physiotherapy exercises daily.
  • My walking, and occasional sprints, are steady and strong.
  • My mind continues to improve with multi-tasking abilities.
  • I can perform math calculations in my head better.
  • Sometimes this makes it hard to sleep. I need to wind down the brain at the end of the day. I haven't had to do this for years.
  • Pains in the Brain have been non-existent.
  • Bodily functions are controllable.
  • Numbness is non-existent.
  • Hands are steadier, very minimal shaking. This was something I never noticed much, but Diane did.

This is all incredible, considering in the last 6 weeks I have been:

  • Stung by a yellow jacket on the left arm. I'm allergic to those stings, and my arm swelled like Popeye's.
  • Hit the top of my head on the tractor loader. Like ramming into a sharp steel beam. Diane took good care of me and stopped the bleeding.
  • Had a 24 hour flu.
  • Stung by another yellow jacket above my right eye. Right side of my face swelled to the point that I couldn't open my right eye.
  • and the latest, a 5mm Kidney Stone. The most painful experience of my life.

Yet through all this, No MS Symptoms returned.

My overall assessment ....WOW...


  • Dr Fallas and the other doctor's and nurse's at Clinica Biblica, in San Jose, Costa Rica,
  • Mark and Travis at Passport Medical,
  • Employees of Tropical Expeditions (Jose and Jerson),
  • Staff at Casa Conde,
  • physiotherapists, Claudio, Gabby, and Marcella,
  • Nurse Katia,
  • My fellow LIBERATED bothers and sisters,
  • All our friends, family, co-workers, neighbours,
  • and, everyone else I may have not mentioned

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for making this a success. Your caring, prayers, and love, have been my strength and inspiration.

Love and best wishes to all of you.


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