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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Food for your Multiple Sclerosis Brain

Diane found videos of Dr. Terry L. Wahls speaking of her battle with M.S. and what she discovered. These videos are very informative. Dr. Wahls went back to the basics of food and health for our bodies and published a book on this. We purchased her book on eating right for M.S. called "Minding My Mitochondria". Overall, our diet wasn't that bad, but, we did adjust the amounts and kinds of vegetables and fruits that we are eating. Diane noticed a difference fairly quickly in how she felt and energy. I didn't notice much until I strayed from our new diet. My energy declined and thought processes slowed. A couple of days back to eating right and my energy and thoughts improved.
There are 6 videos of Dr. Wahls speaking about this;

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