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Friday, October 15, 2010

CCSVI Liberation Expectations

The "Liberation Treatment" for MS provides many opportunities for MS patients to improve each of our lives.
DO NOT set your personnel expectations at an unrealistic level.
My personnel expectations when I went to Costa Rica, was simply to STOP any further progression MS.
Many people I have talked to, or saw interviews with, expect to be miraculously cured.  This likely will not happen.
There are thousands of variables at play.
How long have you had MS?
How much damage has been done?
How much are you willing to work at recovery?
and so on...
Face it, we did not get this way in a month, so don't expect it to be healed in a month.
Work, faith, and support.  Each are needed to fully realise the potential we each will experience.  To expect tomorrow that life will be 50%, 60%, or 70%, better, is unrealistic.  This is an opportunity to regain some quality of life that we are missing.
Anything more is a BONUS.  Take it, and thank GOD.

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