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Sunday, July 1, 2012

2 Years

Wow time sure moves fast.
I didn't even realize, until I received a text from my sister at 1 o'clock, that today marks 2 years since my LIBERATION in Costa Rica.

Thanks Lena for responding to my last post.

Now to the meat.
I am still doing very well.
I get a few minor symptoms now and again.
Sometimes a little brain fog, a little brain pain, a little balance issue, but overall they are nothing.  A hangover is worse, and lasts longer.
The weather has been HOT, HOT, and HOTTER, up to 107 F, with the humidity.  Even 2 guys that I work with from Nigeria think it's hot here, so it must be hot.  I have been managing as well as everyone else with the heat, just have to drink lots of water and keep the AC on.  Set up the AC in my workshop today, it was just too hot to accomplish anything.  Got the temperature down to 85 F now, so back to work.

PS. Happy Birthday CANADA                                                               145 Years

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