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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Got Test Results

Actually, my Doc got the results yesterday afternoon.

As soon as he saw me he smiled and said "Good To Go".

The results came back NEGATIVE for any BLOCKAGES or NARROWING of my Jugular Veins.  

22 months after my Liberation Treatment, and the blood continues to flow.

Next step will be a MRI to compare the lesions on my brain with a MRI that was done prior to my Liberation.  That will be in a couple of months.

Cannot wait to see the results of that!

As how I am doing overall, I think the following will explain that;

I am still working full time, 40+ hours per week as a Systems Specialist/Database Administrator, which requires allot of brain power, PLUS, farming, which combines brains and physical tasks.

So, is this a Placebo Effect......NOT

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