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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall is Comming

Soybeans and Corn are ripening, sure sign of Fall.
Good looking crop this year, along with high prices, this is a rarity.
Usually only high prices with a poor crop, or vise a versa.

I know, I should post more often, but time just seems to slip by.

Overall, I am maintaining well.
I've had a few "blips", as they call them. Some of the old symptoms came back, but nothing that lasted for more than 24hrs.

Special Thanks to LENA, who chatted with me on Facebook during one of these episodes.  You helped more than you could imagine. :-))

Keeping VERY busy on the farm.  Hard work, but when I'm concentrating on that work, I'm not worrying or thinking about anything else.  It's like a holiday, at "Club Work Your A** Off", definitely pay for it the next day.

I'll post again in 14 days. 
That WILL be a emotional day, for everyone here.

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  1. Im glad your feeling better. Any time you need to 'vent' you know where I am. <3