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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


MS and Multi-Tasking.

This has been working fantastic, until...

[This has nothing to do with my farming, just my day job.]

When I understand things, procedures, tasks, jobs, and I have many to accomplish, I am not experiencing any problems, BUT...

Throw in new situations, where I have NO experience, and I am expected to solve, resolve, issues, along with everything else I have to do, things definitely can go awry.  The last 2 weeks have been a perfect example.

Looking back;

First I noticed my stomach was upset more. Eating reduced because my stomach was upset, or I was afraid to put food into it.

Second, my sleeping became less restful, and I began to sweat at night.

Third, as the first 2 became worse, I have had less control of my bladder and bowel. {That was hard to admit, also another issue that has to do with that area}

Fourth, the "B & B" issue seems better today.  When discussing issues at work, my "Brain Pain", reared it's ugly head for a few seconds.
Then, as I was driving home, it flashed for a second, as well as the left side of my face going numb.

I'm taking vacation days, 1 or 2 a week, to try and relax, but, it's like any other job, probably need a couple of weeks to truly relax.

Relaxing tonight, trying to "forget" today.

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