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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Getting Easier

That's easy to say.

Brain pain diminished.
Chest numbness diminished.
No more face numbness.

BUT,...there is always a BUT,

Blatter control worse.

I'll take that over what was affecting me, sometimes a little embarrassing, but I have to deal with it.

A little leak versus the pain, bearable.

How do you tell everything to those that you love.
Inside you want to, but, the suffering and pain that may ensue is unbearable.

So, we keep quiet, silent, about how we feel.

So we make excuses;
Sorry, I'm tired today, I've been under allot of stress, I having a hard time coping...etc;
and so it goes...

1 drink one day, it can be a completely different experience the next day.
How do we cope with this.  What about our loved ones.  They see a different person, personality?

How am I to say everything. There is always far more than can be recalled as I am writing this, or talking.

It is a full time job just maintaining a fa├žade that everything is normal,
But it is not!
We pretend,  imitate, do what seems normal.

BUT, We are stronger than everyone thinks.
We are taking our weakness and utilizing it in a "normal" world.

This is not always our world, but WE can adjust.

ALONE time is for us to adjust, re-calibrate, how we need to adjust.
We are not ignoring you, just trying to adjust to what is deemed  "normal".

Love you Diane with all my heart.

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