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Saturday, July 13, 2013

STRESS in life.

Here we go AGAIN, STRESS.

I try everyday to avoid it.
I try to ignore it.

I go about my daily routine without dwelling on it.
I think that it is not effecting me.
Diane tries every day to shield me from it. God bless her.



First, occasional "brain pain".
Second, chest numb on left side from front to back. Not so occasional.
Then, last evening, above 2 symptoms with numbness on left side of face.

Today a bit easier, face numbness gone, others still existing.

Concentrating more on what "I" love.  Diane and family,

Not what others may think, imply, believe, or, try to impose on me.

This is my life, not what others may choose for me.

I will overcome with Diane's, and my family's support.

Love you, my sweet Lass.

As a side note;
Corn grew about 4 feet, 120 cm, in the last 2 weeks.
Replanted soybeans looking good.
Wheat maturing good, and yield looks good too.

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