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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Been awhile

Been a long time since I last posted.  At least I know 1 person continues to check in here. So Marc, I'll update. 
Is anyone else watching?

May 4, 2012 Diane and I went to Barrie, Ontario, to get a CCSVI check done on my jugulars.  The technician was surprised when she asked me when I had the procedure done.  I should have had this done last June-July on the 1 year anniversary of my procedure, but, life never seems to slow down.  I know, LAME excuse.  Won't know the results for a few more days yet.  I'll post again when I get them.

Overall, my MS seems to be held in check, most of the time.  I do have a few 'BLIPS', technical term used by my PAST neurologist, but nothing that slows me down.

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  1. I'm still watching! lol I was liberated Sept.27, 2010 in CR. Still doing good!